What We’ve Been Up to: Enhancing the Start-Up Scene in STL


TRex ribbon cutting

T-Rex ribbon cutting ceremony in downtown St. Louis. Shown at podium: Patty Hagen, Executive Director.


Getting your budding business off the ground is no easy task for any entrepreneur (we know, we were once there ourselves!)

Having access to resources that can help make your venture a success is vital for any start-up’s survival.

St. Louis is no stranger to the start-up wave taking the nation by storm. In fact, we’ve built quite the community here, and it’s been growing year over year, thanks in part to the dedicated civic leaders, investors, capital investment groups, and private venture capitalists who are committed to building this tech and business ecosystem in St. Louis.

One such organization, T-Rex, provides start-up businesses with a co-working space and access to numerous resources provided onsite, or through partnerships with local organizations to help these young companies and their staff take their growing enterprise to the next level.

When the good folks at T-Rex moved their operations to a larger space in downtown St. Louis, Neteffects’ contributed to their expansion efforts by providing a sponsorship of one of their meeting rooms for the next several years. We are looking forward to partnering with this great organization in 2015 and beyond, and using our knowledge base and resources to help the many entrepreneurs working out of T-Rex and contribute to the T-Rex community at large in any way that we can help.

At the grand-opening held in November, we had the opportunity to experience the energy of this space, and meet T-Rex’s Executive Director, Patty Hagen, who is leading the charge at T-Rex. After the ribbon cutting, we also had the opportunity to chat with several people who currently work out of the T-Rex space, or “graduated from the result of growth” from their facilities. All had an infectious enthusiasm for what’s in store for St. Louis and the start-up scene: more businesses and more jobs, all driving the growth of the local economy – all great things for St. Louis. We’re excited to play a part in this movement.