What Month do Most Companies Hire?

Do you have questions about job searching or navigating the interview process you’d like answered? You’ve come to the right place. In our Ask a Recruiter series, we share a question that’s frequently asked by job candidates and the answer we’ve shared with them. This question was from a job seeker who wanted to know what month most companies hire.

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What month is the best to find that new job? By preparing for your search today, you’ll be ready to accept an offer no matter what season it is

Is there a better time of year to apply for jobs? I have always heard that the summer months are not the best time nor around the major winter holidays. If this is the case, what month do most companies hire?

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As recruiters, we are ALWAYS filling positions for our clients. You are correct in thinking that certain times of year are more optimal, but it really depends on how you look at it–what may be pros to some are cons to others. There will always be openings–people leaving, terminations–that sort of thing. You’re goal as a job seeker is to figure out who has the need (remember not every opening is public knowledge) and make yourself known on their radar via corporate or retained recruiters, referrals, or through other connections. Any month, with the right groundwork, can be a fruitful month for searching. We’ve broken it down the search outlook further below:

Job Search Outlook by Season

Winter Hiring Forecast


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With many people taking holiday during the winter months, December through February can still be a good season to search for a job if you plan ahead

 Less competition–more jobseekers “pause” their search during the month on December for holidays

Decision makers opt to use up remaining vacation time & may not be easily reachable

Decision makers use the holidays as a “quiet time” in the office to finish out the year & are easily reached

No more budget expenditures–hiring is put off until new/more budget available

On the fence about searching during this time of year? Check out this popular article on searching during the holidays–it just might convince you to go for it.


◊ Budgets for the year & hiring needs are know–candidates who’ve already applied are ahead of the game

 New year, new job. People itching to make a move start searching now, bringing more competition

 Companies who missed earnings marks at the end of the quarter & the year tighten belts & hold off on adding headcount or, bring on more to course-correct for a brighter Q1/Q2

 Decision makers are around & ready to bring on new hires–better chance of reaching the right people

Spring Hiring Forecast


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Spring means more competition in the job market, but plenty of opportunities

 More competition in general in the market–people eager to make their move before summer when many people take off

 Most advertised/open jobs tend to appear in these months­–hiring managers eager to fill roles before vacation

 Companies slow to ramp into “hiring mode” in winter make their move now when market & talent pool is prime

 Conference season & networking opportunities aplenty–those consider a career move have improved odds of learning about “unadvertised” openings directly from decision makers

When is the last time you updated your LinkedIn? If it’s time to tidy up your professional social profile, The Muse has numerous great articles for doing just that.

Summer Hiring Forecast


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Summer spells vacation time for many jobseekers. While the competition is basking in the sun, you can be interviewing for a dream job

 Decrease in competition– employed jobseekers forgo search during the summer to take or use their vacation time

 Decision makers take vacation time & may not be easily reachable

 Decision makers use summer to plan for hiring needs before EOY & are more easily reached–especially if they are helping cover for others being out of the office

 Entry-level job competition is tougher–new graduates & already placed interns spell decrease in openings

School may be out, but professionals and new grads should use these months to prep for a successful search if starting a new job before the end of fall is high on their priority list. Our summer school/get-a-job bootcamp series can guide you through every step of the process.

Fall Hiring Forecast


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With association meetings and conference season in full swing, fall is prime for networking and learning of job openings. Hiring managers tend to be more responsive as well.

 Hiring managers eager to use what’s left in headcount budget before EOY

 Key decision makers back in office from summer vacation & getting kids back to school

 Financials for first half of year become available & hiring managers ramp up efforts to interview & make offers before holidays

 Conference season part two–great means to learn of “hidden” opportunities before they’re advertised

Month with the Best Outlook

As you can see from our breakdown by seasons and month above, every month has its advantages and disadvantages. The month with the best opportunity, from what we’ve seen historically, has been September, followed closely by October. Hiring managers are eager to fill open positions before budgets go away at the end of the year.

School is back in session and people are back in the office and not out on holiday–which means the chances of reaching the right individuals tend to be better now. These months are also a good time of year to bring a new hire on and get them ramped up, so that by the new-year, they’ll be in full productivity and output mode­–or well on their way.

Planting the Seeds of Job Search Success

No matter what month or season you decide to conduct your search it’s important to keep in mind the time it will take you to find your next job and make the transition. Networking, keeping your skills sharp, an up-to-date resume and LinkedIn profile will help ensure that you’re ready to act when you find the right opportunity or it comes to you. By planting the seeds of job search success early, you’ll be reaping what you’ve sown in no time.

If you’re looking for a new job opportunity, we’d be happy to help you with your search. We have lots of current openings that may be what you’re looking for. If there isn’t a position that matches your career goals, we encourage you to submit your resume to our general application. That way should a position open that matches your skills, we’ll have your resume on file for immediate consideration. Be sure to check out our other articles in our Talent Tips category for additional info on job searching, working with recruiters & much more.

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