“Wear” it’s at

By: Stephanie Schroeder

I don’t really need my technology to tell me that I was awake from 3-4 am every night because trust me, I KNOW!

The UP4 by Jawbone - just one example of "wearable" sensor technology

The UP4 by Jawbone – just one example of “wearable” sensor technology

But what I do like is the fact that it could be spotting trends in my day that could be causing that sleep disturbance. All joking aside, if you’re not wearing it, inventing it, or manufacturing it, you’ll be missing out on the biggest game changer since…well…the Internet?

From tracking employee productivity to tracking the whereabouts of your beloved pooch, the wearable device is in play, or is about to be. The technology is advancing more rapidly than the research data can be collected and it’s not stopping anyone from getting in the game! According to Salesforce, data collection and aggregation is one of the biggest challenges to deploying wearable tech. With the internet of things (iOT) in play now Marc Benioff, founder of Salesforce states that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last 12 months. That’s mind blowing considering all the companies in the world that have stored data for decades.

Of the most popular in wearable devices are smart watches, bands, digital badges or lanyards, and smart glasses. The expectation is that smart watches will take home the gold in that race followed by badges/lanyards and then smart glasses.

In an effort to improve the consumer experience, companies are using these fashionable pieces for everything from loyalty and rewards programs and point of sale to integrated shopping experiences. Wouldn’t it be great if your smart watch would remind you that your anniversary is tomorrow while you’re in the vicinity of a greeting card shop, or a mall? Or while you’re at your favorite big box or grocery store, your smart watch could target ads to you for your most likely purchases?

The technology is already here! The applications are endless and 2015 is shaping up to be a landmark year in the advancement of wearable technology. Fitness was only the beginning. Where this goes, nobody knows, but the players of the game have set it in motion! Over the next two years, count on having your own wearable device be as meaningful to you as your debit card once was.