Want to Expand or Launch a Career in Tech? Get to Know Claim Academy

Claim Academy St. LouisSt. Louis, like so many other job markets, is seeing an increasing demand for skilled tech talent and coming up short. Colleges and universities can’t graduate students with an IT-focused degree fast enough, and some companies are looking past traditional Computer Science degrees from talent and looking at other immersion programs when considering their hiring. There are plenty of unemployed, underemployed and would-be career changers interested in a tech career, but lack the education or experience to go into the field.

Enter in Claim Academy who is on a mission to teach St. Louis to code.

Per their website: “Have you ever wanted to build useful applications that people around the world use daily? Do you enjoy working with computers, but lack the industry experience necessary to get a job as a developer? Do you want to learn what it takes to be a programmer, but don’t have the time or money to spend on a computer science degree?”

Individuals who answer “Yes” to all of those statements will be happy to learn that St. Louis-based Claim Academy is offering courses in Java, Ruby, .NET, and general full-stack QA and development. All areas that are in high-demand, and sure to land their graduates a great job.

Classes run for 12-weeks, and students can anticipate 80 hours a week of intense (but effective) learning in a collaborative team environment led by expert instructors and mentors. The cost for the program is $8k/course. A reasonable price, considering the average 4-year Computer Science degree can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. The school also offers scholarships too.

Each potential student is required to fill out an online application and go through a thorough screening process to make sure that this is program and the right field for the interested student.

The winter session begins on February 28th. For more information on Claim Academy and their program check out their website: claimacademystl.com

We’re excited to see that St. Louis has another great resource for tech education that uses an innovative approach, and wish them the best!