Tips for Working With a Recruiter

Recruiters can be your best employment ally, if you’re actively or passively seeking a new job. Here are some great tips for working with a Recruiter and getting the most out of your professional relationship with them.


  • An up-to-date resume is a MUST! During your employment, keep your resume current, detailing your responsibilities and achievements. It is MUCH easier to have a resume ready to polish than scrambling to recall all the details when a Recruiter asks. Time is of the essence! Preparation on your part can make a difference in a fast-moving job market.
  • Review your social media accounts! In the digital age, we know that many people are active on social media sites. Rule of thumb: If you would not be willing to share it with a complete stranger, it SHOULD NOT be on social media. Go through your profile and remove any pictures or posts that could put you in an unfavorable light to people who may not know you well. Companies and Recruiters do check social media to get a feel for candidates. Make sure the first impression is the best impression.
  • If you are not on Linkedin, you are missing out! Linkedin is a GREAT way to build a professional profile and connect with Recruiters, colleagues, and other professionals. Recruiters use Linkedin to find the talent they need to fill jobs – make sure they can find YOU.


  • If we have contacted you, WE ARE INTERESTED! Send the right message and professional courtesy by promptly returning calls or emails from a Recruiter. If you are not interested in what we are offering, we understand and encourage you to keep in touch with us. Just because you are not interested in the role today, doesn’t mean we will not have your dream job tomorrow.
  • Let us be your guide! It is our job to help clients navigate the road to beneficial employment relationships. If your Recruiter offers you advice in direct relation to the role we are submitting you for, it is in your best interest to listen! We want the BEST person to get the job, and the person may be you – with our assistance.
  • Keep in touch! Careers can take you so many places. We recommend touching base with the Recruiters you are working with once a year. A simple email with details on what you have been up to professionally works best. Include a link to your up-to-date Linkedin profile and attach a recent resume. We work with thousands of people. If you want to stand out, stay in touch. You will be the first person on our minds when a role and “perfect fit” matches someone with your skills.


  • Everyone is busy these days! If we’ve scheduled you for a telephone or face-to-face interview, be ON TIME! We’ve seen plenty of people get disqualified for not taking other people’s schedules into consideration.
  • Dress for success! Recruiters usually have a good idea of the dress code at client companies. If your Recruiter does not indicate the dress code, ALWAYS ASK! If you have a face-to-face interview dress for the role you want. A good rule to follow: dress to impress in attire that fits and makes you confident.
  • Practice makes perfect! Before a telephone or in-person interview, take time to walk through your answers to some typical interview questions (ex: Tell me about yourself). Rehearse it with a friend. Know your resume INSIDE AND OUT. Come prepared to make an impression!
  • A thank you note goes a LONG way with hiring managers and Recruiters. Taking the time to write a simple thank you note and drop it in the mail or send a quick email DOES make an impression, and it is usually a very nice lasting one. People remember people who take the time to be polite.


  • After an offer has been made, and you are ready to begin, keep your Recruiter in the loop. Contract roles can become fulltime offers and fulltime roles can quickly lead to more opportunities. If you’re not happy in the role we’ve placed you in, keep your Recruiter INFORMED and make the necessary arrangements to handle the situation in the most professional way possible. Our professional reputation relies upon us making the right fit for you AND our clients. We want to leave both parties happy and looking forward to working with us again.
  • If you are looking to make a career change, please understand that your Recruiter needs to be informed of your professional path, but often, we are NOT allowed to place you in another role unless you’ve already left our client’s place of business on good terms. This often means fulfilling the original time commitment (if any) and providing adequate notice of your departure. You must be unemployed or nearing contract term BEFORE we are allowed to work with you again.