Time to Rollout

Welcome to the NEW neteffects!

We’re excited to roll out our new identity (logo), website, social media profiles, and more. It’s been a long time coming, and we’re still hard at work fine-tuning the service experience we deliver to our employees, candidates, and business clients, online and offline. They say change is never easy, but it’s something that our team is committed to.

Just what all is involved in re-branding? We can tell you with confidence,  A LOT.  A lot of time, planning, research, writing, testing, reviewing, designing, developing, brainstorming, training, and more. But for any company that considers such an undertaking, especially those in the professional services industry, it is well worth the investment.

We are proud to say, that for all of the projects needing to be done, we made it a point to work with, and support local businesses and individual talent in St. Louis, MO. None of this would be possible without their collaborative efforts.

We would like to extend a special thank you to our identity partner, Yank & Limey. They were responsible for putting a creative vision to, and bringing to life, our new logo and the cornerstone of our re-branding. (If your business is considering re-branding, or are looking to launch a new brand from scratch, we highly recommend their services.)

To Ben and Paul: you took the challenge (developing a new identity for a nearly 20-year old professional services company), going above and beyond to deliver not only a logo, but an exceptional customer service experience as well. You never over promised, but you certainly over delivered. We will certainly be preaching the good word of Yank & Limey to everyone we know. What you managed to produce was no small feat. Our old logo had been around for almost 20 years! We’re certain that this one will be around and evolve, with your artistic guidance, for even longer. We simply cannot thank you enough for the outstanding work you’ve done.