The 3 basic ways for job-seekers to woo recruiters

Ever wonder why some people are turning away Recruiters almost daily, while others can’t seem to get so much as an email or call? Here are 3 basic ways to garner the attention of Recruiters who can help 3 Basic Ways to Woo Recruiterselevate your career and plug you into lucrative opportunities.


Are you on LinkedIn? If not, why? These days, it is simply not enough to have only a resume and a cover letter working for you. LinkedIn serves as an easy and excellent way to represent your professional work history and skills, and is the most basic online tool we expect professionals to be using. A completed profile with a professional picture is more likely to be reviewed than those without. There is space to include links to your own website, blog, portfolio, professional social feeds, and any other relevant spaces online where you contribute your knowledge and expertise (such as Quora.) In addition, LinkedIn allows users to publish their own content, join groups and engage with other professionals across the globe.Recruiters regularly use LinkedIn as a way to search and approach active or passive job seekers. If you’re not a member, it’s recommended that you become one. It’s free and easy to get started and can be included in your physical resume (profle/url info.)


We will be frank. Either you have the minimum skills required to do the job, or you do not. Recruiters do not have the time to sit and figure if you can “really” do the job. Remember that online profile we mentioned earlier? If you possess the skills needed to do a job, LIST THEM! There is a handy skills summary section in LinkedIn where you can include this information, which will be indexed and make you more likely to appear in our searches. And don’t forget to include mention of your skills in a resume tailored to the job you’re seeking. If you’re lacking in certain key areas needed to perform a job you’d like, or, are switching careers, you’ll need to get educated and some experience in the skills you are lacking, or need more help in. There are numerous online free resources, and other paid options ( is an excellent one) that can help you increase your knowledge base. In addition, many not-for-profits and other similar organizations are always looking for volunteers that can offer free or low-cost help in exchange for putting your newly formed skills to use and gain valuable, reference-worthy experience. As a professional, stay on top of the most “in-demand” skills that employers are seeking in your industry, and in the overall job market. People ahead of the curve are first to get opportunities while others struggle to stay relevant.


It’s hard to ignore the recommendation of a person from someone we trust, or a name we just keep hearing that we really should know. In the Recruiting industry, we’re always looking for the names of other stellar and solid candidates we should talk to. Nine times out of ten, our best talent knows other movers and shakers and that’s why when we have an opening for a honey of a job, we’re reaching out to OUR network of talent and connections to find the best people to speak with. This simply means that your network matters. Having positive references and recommendations from other colleagues, bosses, or clients is important; but nothing matches us receiving your name from someone we are already working with or know. Get out there and get networked in your field and connected in your community. You never know who might know someone who can make an introduction that will impact your career.