Students! Google’s Code-In November 28th, 2016

Google's Code-InKnow of any high-school or college students interested in learning how to code from the best?

Google has announced it’s seventh-annual “Summer of Code” program for university students and the “Code-In” program for younger coders.  Google’s Open Source Programs Office is offering these online programs to encourage the younger generations to learn how easy it is to contribute to open-source projects.

They help teach the next generation the fundamentals of not only programming, but how the community works as a whole – and by doing so, helps the open-source community grow. These programs cover everything from the absolute beginner to things like UI design/development and QA testing finished projects and everything in-between.

Information on Google’s Coding Programs for Students

Google’s Code-in ( for students ages 13-17 begins November 28, 2016.

◊ Google’s Summer Of Code ( opens for applications from university students on March 20, 2017.