Let’s work together

Navigating the waters of temporary or longer-term contractual staffing can be tricky for companies and for individual candidates. We’re your partner in the process, serving as the conduit for connecting people and communication channels. Think of us as your extra set of ears and eyes when it comes to finding great talent, or a great career opportunity and your engagement manager throughout. We handle all of the billing and payment processing, enabling our Consultants and clients to focus on the work at hand.

When the project comes to term we work hard to place our Consultants in their next opportunity, or help negotiate making the transition to working directly for the client if this option is available, and both parties are interested.

We offer the following staffing engagement options:

o   Contract (projects or temporary assignments)

o   Contract | Right to Hire (an assignment that presents the opportunity to convert to a full-hire position)

If you’re a Managed Service Provider (MSP), or an organization that utilizes an MSP | Vendor Management System (VMS) tool for their contingent labor needs, please check out or Workforce Solutions page.