NOW HIRING: Full Stack Developers for Incredible Startup! Direct Hire Roles!

now hiring - neteffectsSoftware is the disease, meet the cure…

Do you have accelerated healing powers when it comes to Full Stack environments?

Are you a Special Ops coding ninja?

Would you like to participate in a “rogue experiment” that combines the stability of a well-paying job at a place that encourages you to create your own startup ideas…during the day?!

You don’t have to wear your “brown pants” worrying that the boss will see you working on your own stuff (oh no, they actually will encourage you, mentor you, and maybe even fund you!)

Neteffects is helping our client fill a bunch of direct hire (not staffing) positions. They are creating a new business model that:

1) does top notch agile software development for its clients

2) provides an open and supportive environment for personal innovation that could lead to a startup

Based in Cortex this company focuses on software solutions to thorny problems. Their current openings are for Full Stack developers to build innovative solutions focused on geospatial computing systems.

They value innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, so time will be built in each week to develop your own ideas and products. Entrepreneurial mentors will be available to help you develop your ideas and may even decide to fund some product development.

The work environment is designed to promote collaboration, give you the equipment and tools you need including lightning fast internet, collaboration space for other like – minded individuals in the start-up community, stocked kitchen, and the ability to use the facility for personal use after hours and on the weekends.

The Culture:

  • Demonstrate passion and ownership by embracing all aspects of software development
  • Be curious and proactive. Learn something new every day.
  • Be ego-less! Ask for help, be willing to admit what you don’t know and willing to receive and give constructive feedback.
  • Collaborate closely with team members and business community.
  • Think through hard problems and work with a team to make them reality.
  • Take pride in software craftsmanship, diving deep into code and constantly innovating.

If you have some experience with any of the technologies mentioned below and are open to learning the rest, we want to talk with you:

Front End

NodeJS, React JS, Express (minimalist web framework for Node JS), Redux (A simpler version of Facebook’s Flux Architecture) , CoffeeScript, ES6 (EcmaScript 6), Babel (Transpiler for ES6 modules), D3 (Charting Library), WebPack (JS Module Bundler)

Back End/Servers

Java or Scala, Nosql DBs, Oracle, Mongo DB, Node JS Services on Weblogic, Cloud Foundry, AWS



Geospatial Tools/APIs

Leaflet, ARCGIS Javascript API and ArcGIS Server API, GeoData Datalog, POC: CKAN (open-source data portal platform)

Big Data/Analytics Tools

Hadoop, HBase, Map Reduce, Solr/Lucene

Continuous Integration Tools

Jenkins, Dockers

What we offer:

Competitive salary and bonus structure along with a strong benefits package including $1,000 per month to apply to your company provided healthcare or tuition reimbursement. (Yes, we want you to grow!)

Do you want the ability to work in a collaborative, innovative start up environment that encourages hard work and personal creativity? If yes contact us now: