Neteffects’ Subcontractor Meeting

STARTING AN INDUSTRY TREND? NetEffects hosts a meeting for all of its  subcontractors.

It came as a big “surprise” to everyone, but it only seemed the reasonable thing to do — for all concerned: our clients, our subcontractors and NetEffects.

In March, NetEffects hosted a first-ever meeting in St. Louis for our subcontractors who assist us in finding quality talent. We were surprised to discover that this was an industry “first,” that no other major staffing company apparently has taken the time to meet with all its subcontractors in a single gathering. If we set an industry trend, so be it. It’s long overdue.

For NetEffects, it was a no-brainer.

We are always looking for ways to improve service to our clients, and our subcontractors are an essential part of that effort. We felt it was time to review issues, look to the future, explain more thoroughly how we operate and what we — and you our clients — expect in terms of quality candidates, response times, submission formats, etc.

It turned out to be an enriching experience for all of us. It was so well received that we will be doing it annually.

Our subcontractors heard from the entire NetEffects management team covering critical issues that impact client service and our willingness to meet subcontractor needs as well. After all, subcontractors provide a large talent pool to draw from.

One pleasant thing we discovered: NetEffects’ consistency in ensuring subcontractors are paid promptly so they in turn can pay their employees — your consultants — was highly valued, and evidently heads above many of our competitors.

It was also important for them to know that the trend among clients is to reduce the numbers of staffing vendors they use, and that NetEffects continues to remain on their preferred vendor lists. It’s a direct correlation to the quality of candidates they, and we, can provide and the speed at finding them.

And we talked a lot about you, our clients: rules imposed on direct manager contacts, characteristics of our clients and their specific submission needs, maintaining open and honest working relationships, fair rates, submission of accurate resumes, ethics policies, timely submissions and keeping staffing availability lists current.

After a grueling day of details and candid interaction, the entire group dined at one of St. Louis’ famed Italian restaurants and then spent an evening at the local race track.

While some may have done better than others at the races, everyone turned out a winner from the day-long meeting. . . including our clients who will continue to see focused responses from NetEffects and our selected subcontractors.

Today, too often in our email/voice mail society, we don’t get important “face time.” The interaction of our subcontractors with one another was as important to them as it was to us. We now all have a clearer understanding of each other’s needs. As a result, we’ll be able to serve you better, smarter, faster. And you deserve that.