Rebranding? No. Evolving.

Evolving is not just refreshing an image to make it relevant to today’s design aesthetics. To truly evolve, you must take a close look at where you have been, the mistakes you’ve made along the way, (and hopefully learned from) and what you aspire to be.

Several months ago, NetEffects, now neteffects, embarked on such on an evolution. We knew that for us, it wasn’t just about refreshing our outside image. It was taking a close look at how we were operating in the marketplace and how we could not only serve our clients better, but how we could grow into being a solutions partner that embraces workforce and workplace changes and innovation.

Since our inception, we’ve built our reputation on IT staffing, matched with second-to-none customer service. As our client’s businesses evolved, sourcing top-notch talent in other professional service roles became a common request, and we were asked to provide our expertise in order to help them meet the demand within their organizations.

This evolution spurred the formation of other new services – Technology Solutions and Business Process Solutions. Both areas of business were established to better meet the demands of an ever-evolving market, looking for smarter ways to manage operational efficiency within their organizations.

Evolving and change are part of the growing process, and something we will do in order to better serve our clients and continue to offer rewarding and challenging opportunities for our employees.