Neteffects’ Holiday Party Recap

St. Louis may be the home of the blues, but at NetEffects annual consultant/staff Holiday Party in December, it was all “MoTown baby, all MoTown!”

From the invitation in the form of an old-fashioned record platter to the costumes of the enthusiastic 160 plus NetEffects’ rock and rollers, it was all MoTown in Missouri in downtown St. Louis on December 8.

A great singing contest featured a special presentation by the internal staff of the latest hit that soared to the top of the company chart, “Stop! And Work for NetEffects” sung to the tune of “Stop! In the Name of Love.” You wouldn’t believe the choreography that went with the song…including our leader Jack Bader right up there with everyone dancing.

With plenty of games, dancing and partying going on, the evening was a raucous success. The company provided rooms at the hotel for anyone who wanted to stay overnight, and to make sure everyone who wanted to participate could – there was even on-premises babysitting provided!

Winner of the singing contest was the group led by consultant K.C. Kitchen, that was able to sing the words of songs played randomly by the great band, Captivation. The Kitchen team all won MoTown CDs.

Winner of the Consultant with Longevity contest was none other than veteran Venu Vennam, who has won the contest for the past three years with his 9.5 years of outstanding service to clients, as part of the NetEffects’ family. But he was sweating it out this year: as the number of years service was called out and consultants had to sit down, by the time the number got to 9 years, only Venu and one other consultant were standing. But because of the room’s layout, Venu couldn’t see who it was. When “ten years with NetEffects” was called out, Venu sat down, a dour look on his face. And then all hell broke out. “Hey, that guy doesn’t work for us anymore,” someone shouted, and Venu’s face lit up as he was declared the winner, for the fourth straight year. Turns out the last man standing was a “plant,” a former employee who was deliberately recruited by the staff to give Venu a run for his money…and create a little excitement in the annual “whose our longest consultant” contest. For his service, Venu won a $500 cash prize.

Other winners collecting $500 cash prizes were:

  • Best costume – consultant Mike Franklin.
  • Most referrals (who were ultimately hired and worked for at least 90 days) – consultant Dinish Singh.