Misleading Resumes. Who is in Charge of Your “Personnel Firewall”?

Just as companies set up firewalls to keep intruders from destroying your network, NetEffects is your company’s “personnel firewall” to keep unqualified consultants from destroying your valuable, scarce time.

A review of our interviewing processes over the past year has revealed some startling statistics about how much time NetEffects saves IT managers in interviewing candidates for job openings:

  • Today we have to screen an average of 77 resumes to find one candidate who is qualified to submit;
  • That dramatically increases the time to find the right candidate: from 24-48 hours two years ago to two to four days now.

Because we pride ourselves on rapid response to job requests, to overcome this time challenge NetEffects is recruiting key skill sets early and putting them into a pipeline in order to fulfill client needs quickly. Currently we have in our jobs pipeline JAVA, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Testers and Oracle professionals.

Then there is the issue of outright lying.
More and more candidate resumes are not truthful, but doctored to make themselves seem more qualified than they are. Some candidates are being told to lie on their resumes about their skills by their employers because their employment cannot be verified in foreign countries.
To offset this trend, we’ve implemented steps to ensure we will interview only qualified potential candidates:

  • Because of the growing reliance on out-of-town professionals, we have expanded our comprehensive web cam interviewing program.
  • We test for professed skill levels.
  • In the case of visa candidates, we’ve eliminated from the candidate pool all but those who have worked in the United States for at least four years. The one exception: if they have worked for NetEffects in the past and we know the quality of their skills;
  • We won’t accept potential candidates if their visa doesn’t show their former employer.

In order to stay ahead of the demand curve, quarterly we analyze our client job needs to detect sometimes outright and sometimes subtle changes occurring. We also closely scrutinize new technologies being implemented by our clients and businesses in general and begin looking for those skill sets in advance of skill demands.

We recognize the increasing demands on your valuable time.  That’s why we go to the extra mile to ensure we can provide our clients with right candidate for their unique job assignment.