Kick-Start Your Job Search 2016: Summer Session Final Review & Resumes

Congratulations for taking a big step in your career and joining us for the Kick-start Your Summer Job Search 2016 Summer Session! We’ve covered a lot of ground these past few weeks and hope that you’ve found the information to be  very helpful. Here’s our final review and recap of what we have covered:

Kick-Start Your Job Search 2016: Summer Session Final Review & Resumes

Lesson 1) Professional Reputation Management – How to get your online life in shape for a search

Lesson 2) Beyond the Resume – Ways to present your professional profile beyond the typical resume

Lesson 3) Making a Target Employer List – Why you need one and how to build it BONUS: Career Q’s

Lesson 4) Researching Potential Employers – How to get the scoop on a company before applying

Lesson 5) The Hidden Job Market – Finding where the best jobs are and are not

Now that you’re just about ready to officially launch your search, you’re probably wondering about resumes. Below, we’ve included links to several of our articles that cover the resume topic that will help you whip yours into shape. From free tools to why you should eliminate the objective statement and more, you’re sure to find some excellent tips that you can put to use right away.

Kick-Start Your Job Search: Resume Information Repository

5 Things Recruiters Look For on Resumes

Interview Insider: How Long Should a Resume Be?

Need a Resume? Here’s 4 Awesome (And Free!) Tools

Why You Don’t Need an Objective Statement on a Resume (And What to Put Instead)

Resume Refactoring

Final Thoughts: Preparedness is key when it comes to a job search. Over the course of the past 5 weeks, you’ve been able to get yourself in the best position possible to launch your search as soon as tomorrow. With the uncertainty of many jobs and an unpredictable market, it’s good to be ready to seize an opportunity whenever one should present itself, or when you decide it’s time to begin exploring your options.

 Thank you for participating in our Kick-Start Your Job Search 2016 Summer Session! We will see you in the fall!