Sweet Rewards in the Month of Love

  Earn up to $5000 Smackeroos! Want to earn a SWEET REWARD? You can just by referring developers, yes any kind, in the month of LOVE. From February 1st until February 28th, 2019 you can earn big bucks during the SWEET REWARD referral program. We’re on a mission to fill incredible job opportunities for our company… Read More

Why You’ve Been Ghosted by a Great Job Candidate

Things were going great. The candidate was engaged and excited (or so it seemed) about the job. Every conversation and interview went well according to the feedback you’ve received or developed on your own. This one felt like a definite contender–perhaps even “the one. Your search for a great new employee for the team or… Read More

Common Interview Mistakes and How to Overcome Them

By: Cari Pisoni, IT Recruiter | Dream Job Matchmaker at Neteffects & LinkedInLocal Host *Republished with permission from LinkedIn Pulse While there are so many mistakes one can make in the interview process, and while often not intentional, there are ways you can consciously address them from the start. Candidates and interviewers are human, and… Read More

How to Transform Your Company’s Culture with Gratitude

From upper management to the most junior member of the team, people are transforming their workplace and company’s culture with a very simple concept–gratitude. According to research referenced in an article by Greater Good Magazine, appreciation at work is linked to higher satisfaction with our jobs and coworkers, a higher sense that we can achieve… Read More