How to get Recruiters to Look at Your Resume

Do you have questions about job searching or navigating the interview process you’d like answered? You’ve come to the right place. Our “Ask a Recruiter” posts feature a question that’s frequently asked by job candidates and the answer we’ve shared with them. This particular question comes from a job seeker who wants to know how to get recruiters to look at your resume.

 I’ve submitted my resume for quite a few jobs now through temp agencies and some corporate sites and I’ll either get an auto-reply thanking me for applying, or hear nothing at all. How do I get recruiters to look at my resume?


Trying to Get a Reply

Trying to Get a Reply–

Recruiters have one job and that’s to help their clients or employers find and hire the best people. That’s it. Is there a “secret recipe” that will guarantee that your resume is reviewed by an actual person? No, but there are a few things that can increase your odds. Many people are unfamiliar with working with a recruiter to begin with. If that might be you, we encourage you to check out our post on this subject.

Increase the odds your resume will be seen by a recruiter 

huge piles of papers including resumes completely covering a desk

Your resume was meant to be seen, not destined to sit in a stack…

The real secret to getting your resume seen isn’t really a secret at all. Unfortunately there is no 100% fail-proof way to guarantee your resume will be looked at and considered by recruiter. There are some things you can do to increase the odds that your resume will make it into our hands:

Tailor your resume to each job posting you submit to and while crafting it, make sure it answers this one question above all–it’s the ONLY thing those in the capacity to hire you really care about. If you’re unsure how to customize your resume, The Balance Careers has written an excellent post about it that can be found here.

Make sure your LinkedIn is in top form. It is where the vast majority of recruiters spend their time looking for candidates. Need to whip your profile into shape? Check out this article by The Muse.

Connect with us on LinkedIn! When you send us an invite on LinkedIn customize the message. Let us know what you’re looking for–especially if it’s within the wheelhouse of what we recruit for and if you’ve been referred. And speaking of referrals…

Be referred. This alone is one of the top ways to get a response from a recruiter. Referrals can be from someone we are/have already working with as a client or as talent, or from someone within the company for whom you’re applying to.

Contact us directly. Not all job postings list the exact person recruiting for that opening. And in some cases, the searches we are conducting are private–meaning, they aren’t listed publicly. With that said, it’s perfectly fine to research the company you are applying to and cross-reference that with LinkedIn to get the information for the recruiters there. The best methods are still email and a phone call.

As mentioned above, if you’re not getting any response from your resume submissions, chances are, your resume might need some work. Even if you think your resume is fine, you may want to make sure it addresses the points mentioned below.

What recruiters are looking for on a resume

Recruiters have to sift through dozens of resumes a day, which means that we can only give each one only a couple of minutes to determine if we should put yours in the contact pile. Here’s what recruiters look for on a resume:

Qualified & can do the job

Gaps in employment history


Career progression


You can find more details here on the points listed above including the reasoning behind it it and how to address each one in order to make sure your resume is ready to pass the discerning eye of any recruiter.

If you take the steps above chances are, your resume will be seen by recruiters and you’ll get response. However, not all recruiters will respond to you–that’s just reality. There are those that will and they are the types of recruiters you want in your corner. It just may take some work on your end to find them.

For more information on working with recruiters, check out the posts here and here. And for understanding the kinds of recruiters there are (multiple!) and how best each can help you, check out this post. There’s also plenty of other great information over on our blog. Specifically, check out the Talent Tips posts.

Best of luck in your search,

Neteffects’ Ask a Recruiter Answer Team