Creative Hiring Practices to Fill the Technology Void

By: Amy Fields, National Recruiting & Delivery Manager @neteffectsinc

As a technical recruiter, I am working every day to fill technology positions in a market which doesn’t have enough IT professionals to go around. Not only are there more jobs than talent, but just finding the right technical fit is only part of the hiring decision. Along with the technology void, the workforce is changing and demanding more flexibility.

There is a lot that goes into finding the right person to fill a job. Do they fit with the team dynamics? Do they have the technical skills now and the aptitude to pick up new technology? Will they be able to grow with the organization? As we all know, putting a great person into the wrong team is bad for everyone – it can bring down team morale and productivity and cause stress to the new hire. It’s not easy to find the right combination of skills that comes to filling these roles – so why limit yourself by sticking to the traditional one person to one job model?

Today’s workforce is demanding a more flexible work place. This may involve job-sharing, hiring more than one or two people to fill the need in your organization.   You may have better luck hiring 2-3 part-time consultants to do the job instead of 1 full time person. If you find experienced people who know how to collaborate with a team, they may get more accomplished in 3 days than a full-timer would in 5. This can also be a money saver because you won’t have the typical HR costs of benefits in hiring a full time person. You will also have the added benefit that comes from more people collaborating with varied experiences and knowledge. The benefit to the part time consultant is that it gives them the flexibility they need to take care of family needs or other ventures.

Options such as telecommuting and hiring remote workers will also open up the talent pool. With today’s technology, there are many free technologies to let people work from home and still stay connected – anyone heard of Skype? This will also reduce overhead costs if you are at capacity in your current facility. Another advantage for hiring remote workers is that it opens your search geographically. Instead of just looking in your local area, you can talk to talent nation-wide and find the right person for your needs.

Offering these flexible alternatives to the traditional 9-5, could help you fill your technology void with the best possible candidates!


AmyFields_netfxAbout Amy Fields:

As an experienced technical recruiter and delivery manager with over 20 years of industry experience, Amy has seen the technology sector rapidly evolve and the demands for talent acquisition change as well.  Thriving on exploring new recruiting and consulting engagement methods to better meet the needs of her clients, she’s been a key part of the neteffects team for over 10 years. If you’re seeking tech talent or seeking employment opportunities in the technology field, you can connect with Amy on LinkedIn or, find her on Twitter: @amy_fields