Consultant Spotlight: Vinod Malatkar

Vinod Malatkar loves St. Louis because it’s a family town. He loves his job because his client challenges him and expects him to keep his skills current and implement the same for his client’s enterprise infrastructure. As a result, we’ve made another convert to working and living in St. Louis as a great place to have a satisfying job and raise a family.

A ten-year veteran of the IT industry, Vinod comes from Southern India with a short job stop in Detroit. He wanted to come to St. Louis because a friend, also a NetEffects consultant (six and a half years at the time), told him about the company and how well it treats its employees. He applied and his obvious skills made him a perfect match for his current employer, one of our nation’s top agricultural companies where he has worked for the past two years as a UNIX systems administrator supporting more than 800 servers.

Despite a recent spate of burst water pipes in the garage of their recently purchased home, Vinod and wife Lalitha plan to make St. Louis their permanent home. “It’s a great family town, and NetEffects is a great company to work for. I like the way they help their consultants, and their staff is pretty terrific,” Vinod said.

His most challenging task: to keep his skills absolutely up-to-the-minute, something his employer expects and something he wants to do because it’s important to the client and his own future. “I have to keep myself updated in this constantly evolving technical market,” he noted. To that end, he plans to enroll in the new NetEffects’ University on-line skills training and upgrade program that has over 2,000 web-based classes.

His hobbies are helping to raise his two children. “They keep me very, very busy when I’m home.” When he’s not with his wife or children, he’s planning home entertainment parties for friends. “We like to entertain a lot,” he said with a wide smile. And to no one’s surprise, Vinod plays the role of DJ spinning lots of music to keep the party lively and fun. Other hobbies include movies, music and watching American football.