Consultant Spotlight: Srinivasa Rao Andhavarapu

This month’s Consultant Spotlight focuses on NetEffects’ Consultant Srinivasa Rao Andhavarapu, a Senior Software Engineer & Administrator working as a consultant for an international financial services company. And despite working in eastern United States right now, he’s almost a “native” to St. Louis, having lived there for six years, working for a national brokerage firm.

Srinivasa brings to his job over nine years of experience as a Senior Software Engineer in gathering, analysis, design, development, implementation and support of a wide variety of applications using many different technologies. His current projects require the analysis, design and development of special software that allows his users to maintain member and non-member organization data, licenses and interrelationships.

Srinivasa prides himself on his understanding of software development life cycles and his business modeling expertise which helps him understand the challenges of the client he is working with.

Noted for being a strong team leader and team builder, he has coordinated onsite and offshore teams of developers. This expertise has brought him individual recognition by his different employers, among them a Valuable Contribution Award, a Team Award, and a number of Recognition Certificates and highly commendable letters from American and overseas companies for his development work.

A Family Man

Srinivasa loves being not only a hard worker, but a family man as well. He and his wife Swapna have two sons. Right now Srinivasa’s hobbies revolve around his children, especially swimming and tennis. “I never had a chance to learn to swim in India, so I’m taking the opportunity to learn while my sons are learning as well.” Other hobbies include watching movies made in India (quite a few are available at local rental stores) and playing cards, notably Indian rummy.

The Andhavarapus also look forward to visits from the grandparents, who love to also travel around the areas where Srinivasa is currently working. They were last in the U.S. in 2003, spending four months with the grandchildren and traveling the Midwest. “They love Chicago. Now that I’m in the eastern part of the country, they are looking forward to their next visit to be able to see Washington and New York and other eastern areas.”