Consultant Spotlight: Sarava Subramanian

A love of JAVA matched only by his love of touring (especially the back roads of rural America) is a few things that made Sarava Subramanian this month’s Consultant’s Spotlight.

Sarava Subramanian, has been with NetEffects for two years, and since joining, his incredible skills as a JAVA developer have afforded him several consecutive assignments, each with glowing comments from his client company.

Sarava came to NetEffects through the recommendation of several friends who were already working for our company. “They said this [Neteffects] was a friendly place to work and that the people at NetEffects are really concerned about, and take care of, their consultants. So, I asked them to recommend me, which they did and here I am. I love it here, they really do take care of their consultants. It’s very nice.” said Sarava.

“Here,” however, is often somewhere else, as Sarava and his wife Anitha love to travel throughout the United States to see the varied aspects of our nation. Their favorite spots: Seattle, for its seafood and good music and Boston, for its beautiful fall colors.

Often, Sarava likes to take his DualSport Suzuki V-Strom 1000 motorcycle onto the back roads to see a part of our country not many native-born ever see. “It’s a very different ride. You see the farmland, cross streams and often come into towns with a population of two. It’s wonderful,” he stated with a warm laugh that speaks of his good nature and friendliness.

It’s a different kind of motorcycle ride here than in his native India, where almost everyone rides a motorcycle. “It’s so crowded in New Delhi that people have to go pretty slow. Here, you can open it up and enjoy a bit more speed,” he said with a chuckle. “How fast do you go?”

In his spare time, when not traveling, Sarava loves to tackle challenging video games and listen to heavy metal music.