Consultant Spotlight: Mayank Prabhakar

Ask featured consultant Mayank Prabhakar about his career and you begin to understand the breadth of his experience as a middleware architect and integration expert.

With over 10 years of hands-on experience in insurance, health care, banking, education and telecommunications, he is an expert in designing and implementing complex integration solutions needed for difficult projects; the more challenging, the better.

His current project involves large-scale integration of multiple health care systems at a large health care provider with a presence in several states. Not only is the project demanding and technically challenging, but Mayank also feels satisfied that it will enable the client to provide better quality of care.

He enjoys gathering feedback from end users to improve the architecture and functionality of his designs. His work involves wearing many different hats; at different times of the day he can be found mentoring team members, throwing around design ideas or simply developing code. He believes this kind of multi-tasking increases his productivity and keeps him involved in all aspects of the project from planning and design all the way to final implementation.

Mayank’s broad knowledge of architecture and technology methodologies makes him the kind of consultant NetEffects seeks out in our untiring effort to provide only the highest quality consultants to our clients.

And if you ask Mayank about his personal life, he will be happy to tell you that he and wife Allison are expecting their first child in October. And he also has plenty to say about his multi-talented wife. A translator, Allison speaks four languages and is currently learning a fifth — Mayank’s native Hindi. Not to be outdone in the language department, Mayank is learning French from Allison, who is also a “multi-lingual chef” cooking authentic Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine.Good eating from a gourmet cook has its consequences, so Mayank devotes time to keeping fit. He hikes in local and state parks, works regularly with a personal fitness trainer and once took a walking expedition to the Boundary Waters on the Minnesota/Canada border. For fun, he reads financial publications (including the Wall Street Journal, while exercising) and science fiction. His favorite authors are Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov.

Moving up on the fun-meter, Mayank likes repairing electronics equipment. “Anything I can get my hands on: DVD players, mobile  phones, laptops. In college I was the hardware guy.” Watch out Mayank, we predict a steady supply of broken hardware after your colleagues read this, and as your child grows up.