Common Interview Mistakes and How to Overcome Them

Common Interview Mistakes and How to Overcome Them

Interviewing? Don’t let these common interview mistakes cost you.

There are many common interview mistakes one can make in the interview process, and while often not intentional, there are ways you can consciously address them from the start.

Candidates and interviewers are human, and while we all make common interview mistakes, the more you prepare, the better the chances of an offer.

1 – Failure to research the position, or interviewers to understand their backgrounds, and/or the company’s services/offerings. It is important to do some research, and understand, to the best of your abilities, what you are walking into. Finding some commonalities, or something that truly interests you, to facilitate broader discussions in an interview can create a more conversational experience, and make things more comfortable for everyone.

2 – Expressing excitement or energy during the interviews (phone, face to face or video) – people want to work with others who are excited to do the work, and who bring a level of passion to the role, so expressing this can be very important. Appearing too stoic, or not smiling, or enjoying the conversation can create an impression of dis-interest. Smile, converse, ask questions, and express the passion you have for doing the job/duties can go a long way.

3 – Inability to relate past experience to the position at hand. Simply explaining what you have done in the past, without relating it to the needs of the interviewer/company can create a disconnect. If the past experience isn’t (at first glance) directly applicable to the current role, explain how it can apply. Explain how your previous experience in customer service has created an ability in you to be patient, listen and work to understand the needs of the customer or stakeholder in the role. How you are able to speak to business persons of all levels, from upper management to client and so on. Not all experience will be directly apparent, but how you explain can help tremendously.

Despite the industry or type of position you are interviewing for, these common interview mistakes are fairly easily avoidable. To set yourself up for success, and create a memorable experience for all involved, these are a things you can control in the interview and job search process.

By: Cari Pisoni, IT Recruiter | Dream Job Matchmaker at Neteffects & LinkedInLocal Host

*Republished with permission from LinkedIn Pulse

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