Coding Bootcamp in St Louis You Should Know: SavvyCoders

According to StackOverflow’s 2018 Developer Survey, 71.5% of professional developers ranked JavaScript as the most popular programming language–an increase of 54.4% from 2015. It’s not hard to understand why JavaScript has been gaining favor in recent years, it’s well supported, can be used for both front-end and back-end applications, there are numerous resources for learning this language, and it’s a staple language for people interested in web development. That’s why when we learned about a local Coding Bootcamp in St Louis for learning programming, SavvyCoders, which has offerings in St. Louis, Missouri, Nashville, and Chattanooga, Tennessee we were excited.

Hands-On Programming Learning in St. Louis & Beyond

Interested in programming & want to learn in a small group? Meet SavvyCoders.

SavvyCoders began with one vision in mind: to reach out to people traditionally underrepresented in the technology field and give back to local communities by increasing tech talent and expanding business opportunities. Founded in 2015 by Elaine Queathum & Alex Pearson, SavvyCoders has enabled individuals and organizations alike to learn valuable skills for today’s job market through accessibility.

What started in Nashville, Tennessee, has expanded to two more markets Chattanooga,Tennessee and St. Louis, Missouri, enabling the organization to serve even more people who are interested in learning programming and are seeking a hands-on experience that offers more than just learning.

More Than Just Learning

Online learning, while effective for some, isn’t for everyone. As is the case with many e-learning courses, once you’re through the program it’s still up to you to apply that new or expanded knowledge to the real world. And for those interested in a career in web development, this is where SavvyCoders is able to differentiate itself.

Beyond the hands-on learning in a smaller group setting and plenty of one-to-one time with the instructor (should one need it), SavvyCoders also offers opportunity for those enrolled in their programs to network and connect with recruiters and businesses who can offer many types of employment opportunities beyond the local market that SavvyCoders serves.

If you’re interested in learning more about SavvyCoders, their coding bootcamp in St Louis, other programs, & upcoming events, you can check them out online at


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