Changes at Neteffects

By: Jack Bader

The only thing that is constant in this world is change!

This industry has always been about change.

I know that as a manager you understand that companies standing still often find themselves passed by nimbler competition. As a result, last October NetEffects began a strategic planning cycle to engage the entire organization in re-tooling our company to ensure we grow our ability to provide our clients with the quality service you expect.

Using an outside facilitator, we broke up into working groups and approached our organization with “blank sheet of paper” mentality. Each group was tasked with developing recommendations on how to re-architect a portion of our operation.

Months of work resulted in many quality suggestions to improve performance and quality while maintaining profitability and growth goals. I would like to share a few of them with you plus some exciting current events at NetEffects.

  • Our sales organization was revamped and efforts are now segmented into New Business Development and Relationship Management. A sales manager has been added to help everyone improve and grow
  • Our recruiting group is now led by a recruiting manager
  • A “talent sourcer” has joined our team to help our recruiters broaden their bandwidth of qualified candidates
  • The entire NetEffects team is now focused on building our headcount and retaining talent. All compensation plans and goals have been re-aligned so that we all can make everyday decisions effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner
  • Concurrent with strategic planning we embarked upon a project to create a new website that more accurately represents our company and the great people working here. I am proud to announce that the site is up and running at
  • The web site was a collaboration of our PR firm, graphics design talent, programming support and our internal web team. Big thanks to Michelle Zipfel and Rachel Stuart for guiding this project. It was long overdue but well worth the wait. This site utilizes an open source content management system called Plone™ which allows us to dynamically change the content. Watch for regular updates.
  • Finally, this new eNewsletter. Besides saving the printing and mailing expense, this technique is environmentally friendly, shortens the production time and will allow significant flexibility to us and you, our readers. We welcome your input for items you believe will help managers in their jobs. Send your suggestions to Helping managers with beneficial information is a key element of what our eNewsletter is all about.

My job is to look out 2-5 years to try to predict what the market is going to be like and make sure that we remain competitive and moving in the right direction. These are just a few of the changes we have been making in order to provide you all with excellent service. Stay tuned.

Jack Bader