A Manager’s Advice for a Successful Engagement

By Guest Author, Randy I was a consultant for many years before becoming an actual corporate employee. As a manager, I now hire many consultants and want to share with your observations from both of my perspectives on how you can succeed for your personal career and your client’s success. The first thing you will… Read More

Busting Technology Consulting Myths

With today’s competitive market and talent shortage, companies are increasingly using consulting services to supplement their workforce. According to Quartz, 40% of America’s workforce, or roughly 60 million people, will be contract, temp, or self-employed workers by 2020. Despite this growth, there are many technology consulting myths in the market, which we debunk here. Consulting… Read More

Common Interview Mistakes and How to Overcome Them

There are many common interview mistakes one can make in the interview process, and while often not intentional, there are ways you can consciously address them from the start. Candidates and interviewers are human, and while we all make common interview mistakes, the more you prepare, the better the chances of an offer. 1 – Failure… Read More