America’s Technical Future is in Good Hands

By Jack Bader, Neteffects’ Founder Recently I attended an XPrize Foundation board meeting in Atlanta. Our meeting was hosted by Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway™ scooter and the FIRST® Robotics Championship (FRC) competition. The meeting coincided with the world finals for FRC held in the Georgia Dome…and we were invited to spend some… Read More

An Opportunity to Taste Space: Going For a Ride on G-Force-One

By: Jack Bader, NetEffects’ Founder   “You can explain anything with physics”…this was my mantra growing up.  In high school I spent hours in the physics laboratory doing many of the classic experiments that had been done centuries ago.  College brought more physics and also added courses like astronomy and philosophy (metaphysics in that one)…. Read More