Jack Talk: IT – Is It Time For ‘Degree Not Required?’

By: Jack Bader Over the years, I’ve met some pretty smart people, some with big degrees and even bigger titles to match, and some with no formal degree, and a title that speaks volumes as well. In the field of IT, having a formal education certainly helps, but being scrappy and learning through whatever means… Read More

BEAM Me Up: Robots and the Future Workplace

By: Jack Bader My life is busy. But these days, who isn’t? Time is my currency and I work hard to invest it wisely. Family, my business ventures, passion projects, philanthropic efforts, and learning new things – it all requires careful budgeting on my part to meet all of my obligations while still having something… Read More

Jack Talk – The Story of Our New Logo

By: Jack Bader “You’ll know it’s the right one when you like it so much, you’d be willing to get it tattooed on you.” Those were the words chortled by our marketing person, ultimately tasked with helping to rebrand neteffects – now in our 20th year of business. Going through a rebranding is akin to… Read More


Rebranding? No. Evolving. Evolving is not just refreshing an image to make it relevant to today’s design aesthetics. To truly evolve, you must take a close look at where you have been, the mistakes you’ve made along the way, (and hopefully learned from) and what you aspire to be. Several months ago, NetEffects, now neteffects,… Read More