Busting Technology Consulting Myths


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With today’s competitive market and talent shortage, companies are increasingly using consulting services to supplement their workforce. According to Quartz, 40% of America’s workforce, or roughly 60 million people, will be contract, temp, or self-employed workers by 2020. Despite this growth, there are many technology consulting myths in the market, which we debunk here. Consulting… Read More

Making a Case for the Candidate Hiring Experience

Why a Candidate’s Hiring Experience Matters Just a few short years back, the phrases “user experience” and “customer experience” weren’t as commonplace inside of companies as they are in today’s market. Organizations with an expertly planned and continually refined experiences (which includes customer/user touch points and falls under the realm of branding and brand experience)… Read More

Employee Engagement and Contract Talent Relations

*Updated September 2018 Employee engagement is a topic that has seen an increase in interest during the past few years as more companies take a closer look at their CX (customer experience), just one of many touch points that make up a brand’s overall experience. For years marketers and sales professionals have understood that no… Read More