Why You’ve Been Ghosted by a Great Job Candidate

Things were going great. The candidate was engaged and excited (or so it seemed) about the job. Every conversation and interview went well according to the feedback you’ve received or developed on your own. This one felt like a definite contender–perhaps even “the one. Your search for a great new employee for the team or… Read More

How to Make an Interview Score Sheet

An interview score sheet, or interview scorecard, is a tool used to score job applicants in a way that is consistent and fair, while providing structure to interviews, capturing information, and documentation of an objective interview process. Score sheets have many other benefits, which you can read about in our post, Using Interview Scorecards to… Read More

Using Interview Scorecards to Improve Hiring

Is your hiring process objective and well documented? Does the information captured during interviews lack the structure and organization needed to make sound interviewing decisions effectively? If you’ve answered no to either or both statements, or are just unsure, it’s time to give interview scorecards some serious consideration. What are Interview Scorecards? An interview scorecard,… Read More

Building a Diverse Tech Talent Pipeline

Building a diverse tech talent pipeline requires a recruiting strategy that factors inclusivity and diversity into the equation across all candidate pipelines. This includes employee referrals, applicants, and submittals from staffing partners. Talent outreach and recruiting professionals that are driving diversity and producing measurable results in today’s market had to rethink their strategy entirely–beginning with… Read More