How to Ask For a Raise

Looking to put more money in your pocket at work? The best way to make your case and get what you are after is to reflect what you have done for your employer and present it to them. Here is how to ask for raise. Steps to Take When Asking for More Money at Work Step… Read More

How to Feel Better About Getting Fired: One Geek’s Take

By Guest Author: Wallace Q., Socially Adept Software Geek & Digital Nomad The past few months have been a bit of a bummer. In the span of 3 short months, I got fired, was referred to as “old” for the first time by a junior “coding buddy”, and learned that PokemonGO is rather sad to… Read More

Why You Should Learn How to Program

Fast & Company published an article, Why Learning to Code Won’t Save Your Job that triggered a lot of online debate regarding the demand of professionals who boast coding skills at every level over the next several years. The article suggests that as coding skills becomes more commonplace, encouraging young to mid-career professionals to learn… Read More