How to Work With Difficult People

Difficult people are everywhere–the workplace is no exception. At work they can be supervisors, customers, colleagues, and business partners. In life, it’s impossible to get along with everyone all the time. There will be people we just don’t see eye-to-eye with. But at your job, getting along with others goes with the territory of being… Read More

Feeling Like a Fraud at Work–a Word on Impostor Syndrome

After several weeks of interviews, a test project, and intense negotiations, *Ami had landed a great job at a tech company. But instead of feeling excited and proud of her accomplishment, she became anxious. “I was worried I wasn’t going to live up to their high hopes and expectations of me. I was terrified that… Read More

Are You Management Material?

Perhaps you’ve been at your place of employment for a couple of years and are seeking more responsibility, or, you’ve been asked to help build a team that you’ll one day help supervise. Whatever the path to becoming a manager, you may have found yourself questioning your ability to supervise and ultimately serve as a… Read More