Providing Top-Notch Marketing Management Talent to Drive Technology Commercialization


An international financial services company was faced with the need to increase market penetration and revenue streams on a global scale utilizing a strategy that would enable the commercialization of technology to lift the brand’s online experience and drive prospects with enhanced communication. Neteffects, a preferred service partner was invited to find the marketing talent to help this client with their plan.


Our team identified an Executive Consultant who had led other Fortune 100 companies and had the marketing prowess needed to drive the core business, develop new processes, and drive the efforts to launch a global technology solutions division that would benefit brand-building efforts. Our Consultant quickly became an integral part of the team, exceeding the expectations of the client. What started as a 6-month engagement quickly turned into a much longer assignment. The client’s corporate environment welcomed the change that the Consultant brought, and has since experienced a significant lift from the promotional activity, enabling the client to expand their capabilities from the growth in business.