5 Reasons to Job Hunt During the Holidays

Celebrate the new year with a new job

Are you looking to make your next career move after the New Year? Have you already begun to update your LinkedIn profile and resume? Our 5 reasons to job hunt during the holidays may make you reconsider your timing and begin your search today.

Smaller Candidate Pool Equals Less Competition

Yes, you read that right. The pool of applicants you’re competing with is smaller during the holiday season. This is because many job seekers opt to take a break from their search during the holidays. You could be the first in line to get an interview and beat the “after holiday rush” when many people return to their search, or, embark on one following the “new year/new job” mentality. While the number of open jobs tends not to change, the number of people to fill those jobs does during this window. Why compete when you can stand out?

Companies Who Delayed Hiring are Eager to Fill Roles

Many job seekers have experienced this before–a hiring process that seems to drag on for months on end. The reason might surprise you. Companies are in no rush to fill rolls until year-end rolls around. Their reasoning is twofold: one, hiring pulls on resources that may already be pushed to the max and two, they realize that if those roles are left unfilled budget dollars can be taken away or, allocated elsewhere. Your odds are much better at landing a coveted position that has been “left open” now than any other time.

Decision Makers are Available

Around the holidays (especially the last two weeks of the year), many decision makers don’t travel which means they are available for interviews and to sign-off on new hiring decisions. Many executives use the end of the year as a time for completing tasks and preparing themselves for the new year/new quarter. And as mentioned in the point above, they are also eager to fill rolls that are still left open so they have the staff in place for Q1.

Recruiters are Rushing to Make Hires

Recruiters know that the end of the year is the time to get people hired and fill roles for their clients. There is also a slight upswing in recruiting this time of year because as mentioned before, companies that put off hiring are now ready and more than willing to hire people to start right away, or after the first of the year. Recruiters also know that business still moves forward and projects must still make their deadlines and having extra help to cover for projects during staff vacations is a must. Contracting can often lead to the temporary help being brought on full-time–especially if there is already an opening or the budget for a hire in Q1 is available.

When Merriment is Higher, People are Hired

Let’s face it, it’s pretty hard NOT to be in a good mood during the holiday season. And what better way to spread that cheer than to make someone else’s season brighter with a new job? If the company had a good year, people made their bonuses, etc. spirits are at an all-time high. Even if the company didn’t perform well or bonuses were not had, odds are they are looking for a way to meet and exceed their performance goals for the upcoming year and new talent may just be what is needed. It’s hard for a boss not to get excited when they come across a diamond-in-the-rough for an unfilled job and then strike a deal with that candidate. They know that they are positioning themselves for a better coming year by hiring the person (or people) to help make that happen. It’s a win-win for the company and the job seeker.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new job, we encourage you to consider starting your search during the holidays. As Q1 rolls around, there will be more people looking for a job (thus greater competition). Why not get a head start and begin your new year with a great new job? Check out our Current Openings to apply for a specific opening or submit a general application to be considered for new openings as they become available.

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