5 Advantages of Working With a Staffing Firm as a Freelancer

  1. They bring you the clients.5 advantages of working with a staffing firm as a freelancer - neteffects

If you have in-demand skills and are open to project work, staffing firms can provide another avenue for work. You get to choose what projects you’ll be willing to work on and will know the rate of pay up front. Spend more time doing work instead of finding it.

  1. They pay predictably.

One of the biggest headaches any freelancer faces is billing and collecting from clients. When you work for a staffing firm, you’re paid according to the hours you’ve logged and are paid weekly or bi-weekly. When you have financial obligations, it’s nice to know that you’ll get paid and when.

  1. They take care of Uncle Sam.

As a freelancer working through a staffing firm, you’ll likely be classified as a W2 employee meaning, the staffing firm will take care of your required tax withholdings in your pay. You’ll be provided a form at the end of the year with your reported earnings. It’s one less thing you’ll have to do come tax season.

  1. They can help you get a full-time job – when you’re ready.

Conducting a job search while your trying to keep the lights on can be stressful! Staffing firms are an excellent resource for direct hire job opportunities that are in line with what you’re seeking. Staffing firms have recruiters who can “sell you” to potential employers, saving you time and leg work so you can focus on interviewing and getting hired.

  1. They know the industry.

Many staffing firms employ professionals who were once freelancers themselves, worked in your field of specialty, or were trained on the ins and outs of the industry your in and their own. Sometimes it’s all of the above. Specialty staffing firms make their money by being experts in their own industry and the industries of clients that they’ve focused their practice on. You’ll not only work with a company who understands your field, but bets the success of their business on it as well.