Why You Should Learn How to Program

Fast & Company published an article, Why Learning to Code Won’t Save Your Job that triggered a lot of online debate regarding the demand of professionals who boast coding skills at every level over the next several years. The article suggests that as coding skills becomes more commonplace, encouraging young to mid-career professionals to learn… Read More

St. Louis Cyber Security Conference ShowMeCon Returns June 13-14th 2016

On June 13th-14th 2016 hackers and cyber-security professionals will once again descend upon St. Louis to attend the Midwest’s premiere hacking conference, ShowMeCon. The event is hosted and sponsored by St. Louis-based ethical hacking firm, Parameter Security™ and its training counterpart, Hacker University™. Pre-Conference training will take place June 8th-12th. With physical and cyber security… Read More

How Socrates Can Help You Land a Job or Further Your Career

Socrates was one of the greatest educators that ever lived (his former students include Plato and Aristotle.) He taught his pupils using a methodology that consisted of asking questions and drawing out answers and was later dubbed the “Socaratic Method.” The Socratic Method challenges the accuracy and completeness of thinking in such a way that… Read More

How Long Should a Resume Be? Interview Insider

Interview Insider is a reoccurring column by neteffects that provides talent with the inside scoop on the latest & most effective interviewing tips to land jobs. Looking for more tips? Check out other Interview Insider articles here! The humble resume has been around since 1482 and was invented by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci… Read More