Programming Meetups in St. Louis You Should Know

Are you a city transplant? New-to-the-field? Or a seasoned pro? Maybe you just want to know what all the fuss is about? If you’re a programmer (or considering it as a career), Meetups are an excellent way to learn, build relationships and have some fun with fellow programmers. “But I can do all of that… Read More

Employee Engagement and Contract Talent Relations

*Updated September 2018 Employee engagement is a topic that has seen an increase in interest during the past few years as more companies take a closer look at their CX (customer experience), just one of many touch points that make up a brand’s overall experience. For years marketers and sales professionals have understood that no… Read More

5 Jobs in Tech Interviewing Now!

Spring is off to a busy start at neteffects. If you or someone you know is actively looking for a new job or considering a change, we want to talk. From product managers to scrum masters, we’re looking for a variety of talent to support the needs of our clients. Check out these jobs in… Read More