Why You (Really) Didn’t Get The Job

Let’s face it, nobody likes rejection. But when you’re a job seeker, learning that you didn’t get a job that you’ve been interviewing for stings; even more-so when it’s a job that you really wanted and worked hard to be considered for. As recruiters, we have one job – find the right person for the… Read More

Creative Hiring Practices to Fill the Technology Void

By: Amy Fields, National Recruiting & Delivery Manager @neteffectsinc As a technical recruiter, I am working every day to fill technology positions in a market which doesn’t have enough IT professionals to go around. Not only are there more jobs than talent, but just finding the right technical fit is only part of the hiring… Read More

When Attracting Talent, Company Culture is Critical

40 hours a week, 52 weeks, 2080 hours each year are dedicated to work for many Americans. But as many of us know, 40 hours is laughable. Many people clock in far more hours for our employers in the name of keeping the company running, often spending more time working than engaging in our personal… Read More

When Bad Recruiters Happen to Good Talent

Whether you’re employed or not, navigating a job search or exploring career path options can be taxing. Working with a recruiter should be a pleasant and relatively seamless process, but that unfortunately doesn’t always happen – leaving people with a less-than-stellar feeling towards working with a recruiter ever again. While it’s unfair to lump all… Read More