Resume Refactoring

Guest blog post by: Jason Lowenthal, Advanced Software Engineer, Skyfactor The last time my boss handed me a resume to review, he didn’t really hand it to me at all. He sent me a PDF attachment in an email. In fact, every resume I’ve seen over the last year or more came to me in… Read More

Where Did Vacation Go?

By: Steph Schroeder Are you dreaming of loading up the ol’ family truckster and heading to Wally World with the family? Summer is the time when most Americans take vacation, with July being the most popular month for to travel. Kids are out of school, the weather is warm, and the countless opportunities to experience… Read More

Jack Talk: IT – Is It Time For ‘Degree Not Required?’

By: Jack Bader Over the years, I’ve met some pretty smart people, some with big degrees and even bigger titles to match, and some with no formal degree, and a title that speaks volumes as well. In the field of IT, having a formal education certainly helps, but being scrappy and learning through whatever means… Read More

ArnoldC Programming Humor at its Finest

      We’re all for bringing a smile to the masses, that’s why this week’s blog post was inspired by two things that a few of us here at neteffects enjoys. 1) Programming (coding) 2) The “Terminator” movie empire. (Robots, A.I., security/hacking, ‘the Ah-nold’. Need we say more?) Which brings us to the point… Read More