Don’t Fear Automation

By: Kimo Saper Change is part of life, even more so within the world of technology. Automation has been building momentum year after year, and soon it’s going to reach a tipping point where the majority of QA tasks will be handled by automation. Don’t fear automation, embrace it. Make it your ally! So, how… Read More

BEAM Me Up: Robots and the Future Workplace

By: Jack Bader My life is busy. But these days, who isn’t? Time is my currency and I work hard to invest it wisely. Family, my business ventures, passion projects, philanthropic efforts, and learning new things – it all requires careful budgeting on my part to meet all of my obligations while still having something… Read More

What to Look For in a Potential IT Staffing Provider

If you’re in Procurement, HR, or are a Manager tasked with finding tech talent to fill temporary or longer-term business needs, finding a single candidate to fill an opening can be a challenge – let alone several people for a team. That’s why many companies turn to staffing vendors to help with their recruitment needs…. Read More

Warning Signs and Red flags to Look For in a Job Search

Are you conducting a job search, or about to embark on one? While interviewing with potential employers, it’s important to make sure that the professional fit for you is a good one – but how do you screen for that? Finding a job in IT or another profession that is the right fit is no… Read More