ArnoldC programming humor at its finest

      We’re all for bringing a smile to the masses, that’s why this week’s blog post was inspired by two things that a few of us here at neteffects enjoys. 1) Programming (coding) 2) The “Terminator” movie empire. (Robots, A.I., security/hacking, ‘the Ah-nold’. Need we say more?) Which brings us to the point… Read More

“Wear” it’s at

By: Stephanie Schroeder I don’t really need my technology to tell me that I was awake from 3-4 am every night because trust me, I KNOW IT! But what I do like is the fact that it could be spotting trends in my day that could be causing that sleep disturbance. All joking aside, if… Read More

Don’t Fear Automation

By: Kimo Saper Change is part of life, even more so within the world of technology. Automation has been building momentum year after year, and soon it’s going to reach a tipping point where the majority of QA tasks will be handled by automation. Don’t fear automation, embrace it. Make it your ally! So, how… Read More