When bad recruiters happen to good talent

Whether you’re employed or not, navigating a job search or exploring career path options can be taxing. Working with a recruiter should be a pleasant and relatively seamless process, but that unfortunately doesn’t always happen – leaving people with a less-than-stellar feeling towards working with a recruiter ever again. While it’s unfair to lump all… Read More

Where did vacation go?

By: Steph Schroeder Are you dreaming of loading up the ol’ family truckster and heading to Wally World with the family? Apparently, July is the most popular month for Americans to travel. Kids are out of school and the summer fun proves irresistible. But can you take time off work? Having trouble taking time off… Read More

5 things recruiters look for on resumes

As external recruiters, our goal is to present our clients with the best talent for their job openings, and candidates with opportunities that best fit their professional goals. We see dozens of resumes a day, many vying for a single opening. Aside from having the right background of skills relevant to the role, a resume… Read More